Nothing strikes a family harder than the death of a loved one that is caused by the wrongful act of another. In South Carolina, there is a specific statute (§ 15-51-10 of the South Carolina Code) that allows the personal representative of the loved one to bring a claim for damages that the decedent would otherwise be entitled to receive. The Law Office of Todd Ellis is experienced in advising and bringing such claims for the decedent’s Estate. Whether a loved one has been killed by a reckless driver, a defective product or the wrongful act of a caregiver, my firm can assist the family in ensuring that those claims are litigated for the surviving family.

From setting up the Estate of the decedent to identifying the wrongful actor and pursuing the damages to the fullest, my firm can offer the guidance and care to ensure that the family is fully compensated. These claims may also include a Survival action pursuant to S.C. Code §15-5-90 for the period of time between the injury of the family member and their ultimate death.

If tragedy hits your family, call me immediately to investigate and give you an opinion on whether a Wrongful Death and Survival action exist.

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