Many people are hesitant to visit me for what they perceive to be a wrong done to them by a company with whom they have a consumer to the business relationship or when they have an employer they believe is wrongfully treating them and their co-workers. They are sure they were clearly harmed but believe the damages they suffered are so small that an attorney would not be interested in handling their case. I represent clients with such cases because the corporate scheme or plan that is damaging each patron on a small scale is often duplicated again and again by the company, thus harming a large class of individuals.

If you believe you are the victim of some unfair practice, fraud, misrepresentation or breach of your contract with a company, no matter how much you were damaged, contact me to evaluate your claim.

If you believe your employer is violating an important part of your employment terms or if you simply feel like something is wrong with how your wages are being calculated and paid, you should call me for a consultation. We have represented hourly workers in the restaurant business and those working major manufacturing and telecommunication facilities for their employer’s violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other wage and hour claims. Do not allow your employer to take the wages you are owed.

Resolving your matter and ensuring that others are not harmed by the same action is why I became an attorney. I have extensive experience in representing individuals in consumer cases and class actions against unscrupulous corporations that are committing unfair trade practices in an effort to make an extra dollar. Contact me today if you feel you are the victim of this type of corporate action.

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