When you need counsel to investigate the serious outcome of a medical procedure which is not performed correctly or you are harmed by a medical device, call the Law Office of Todd Ellis immediately. The pain, frustration and debilitating results of a medical procedure gone wrong can cause significant sorrow through a victim’s family.

My office can help you to determine whether you or a family member simply has a poor outcome or whether you have a claim for medical malpractice. Determining whether a health care provider has breached the standard of care in your community when performing your medical procedure can be a difficult matter to determine and my office is equipped to provide you an opinion on their actions.

We can obtain all of your medical records and healthcare information to have medical professionals evaluate the care you were given and provide you a straightforward opinion on whether you have a claim. If you suspect medical negligence has caused you or a family member an injury, call my office now and we can evaluate your claim with no costs to you.

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