Drunk drivers are a significant danger to all of us and North and South Carolina hold restaurants and bars accountable for knowingly serving alcohol to an intoxicated person that can leave and causes harm to a third-party. Those that serve alcohol should have policies and procedures in place to prevent the serving of intoxicated persons and courts have allowed victims to recover against such establishments and persons who fail to take action to prevent intoxicated persons from being over-served before leaving and harming others.

The Law Office of Todd Ellis has pursued many dram shop claims for victims of drunk drivers. We recently obtained a significant recovery for the family of a local teenage girl who was killed by an underage drunk driver who was allowed into a bar and over-served before being allowed to leave.

If you or your family member is in an accident with a suspected drunk driver, you should contact the Law Office of Todd Ellis immediately to ensure the investigation of the accident includes not only the actions of the drunk driver but those that may have served him or her alcohol.

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