No matter your legal need, my firm can find a way to structure an agreement for fees that best fits your circumstances. After I learn about the type of case you have and your personal situation during your free consultation, I will recommend a fee structure. My experience often allows me to foresee the scope of the case and make an appropriate recommendation. But, I am always open to discussing your circumstances, needs, and obligations when putting together a fee structure that makes you comfortable. Having a fee agreement that ensures our business relationship is clear and manageable is very important to obtaining a successful outcome. Below are the types of fee agreements we might consider for your matter.

Contingency Fee Cases

Many, if not most, of the cases I work on, are done through a contingency fee structure. That is, I receive an agreed upon percentage of any recovery I obtain on your behalf, and my firm advances most or all of the costs related to the case in exchange for getting those costs reimbursed out of the recovery obtained. You, as my client, do not advance any monies at the beginning of the case, and I am only paid if I recover on your behalf. Many of my personal injury clients who have been injured by the negligence or recklessness of a third-party retain me to recover their damages on a contingency fee basis. The percentage my firm receives varies, depending on our discussion of the risks involved.

Flat Fee

Many clients prefer to pay my firm a flat fee at the beginning of their matter for me to obtain the best outcome I can without regard to the time spent on their file. Clients who face criminal charges or those with a specific task for me to accomplish want to know the total amount for services rendered without having to be billed by the hour. I will always give you an outline of steps to take in the case and a projected time for resolution before we decide on a flat fee for services.

Hourly Fee

I represent many clients on an hourly basis. Depending on the type of case, I charge an hourly fee to perform services which I bill to a client on a periodic basis with a detailed summary of the tasks I performed and how long it took to perform the work. Often I require a small retainer up front to bill against which I place in my trust account. The client will receive a detailed statement when I bill against the retainer. I try to bill for substantive work and opinions given and not every matter that comes up that may require my brief attention. I never want clients to hesitate to call me out of fear that a nominal communication will significantly cost them. Many of my business clients consider me part of their team, and I have better and longer relationships with those clients who make me a part of their decision-making process.

Your concern over how I will charge you should never keep you from contacting me. I am open to any of the fee structures discussed, as well as a mixture of fee structures. You will never be surprised by a charge for something you did not anticipate.

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