At The Law Office of Todd Ellis, our purpose is to keep you informed about the progress of your case, ensure that we are giving you appropriate information so that your expectations are being met and of course getting you fair compensation. Many awards we have obtained for our clients have been significant. Every case is different of course and it is our job to tell you about the important elements in your case that may impact the value. Past results provide no guarantee that a similar outcome will be reached in your case, but when it comes to recovering from a serious injury, wrongful death, class and collective injuries, the Law Office of Todd Ellis has obtained the following recoveries for clients:

  • $1,425,000.00 for a class of workers at a telecommunications company for failing to pay wages for on the clock required work
  • $699,500.00 for a worker in a textile plant whose arm was injured by a defective piece of equipment
  • $850,000.00 for a customer burned by the negligence of a clerk at a convenience store
  • $1,100,000 in a dram shop case for a women killed by an intoxicated driver leaving a bar
  • $2,930,000.00 for a class of hourly employees required to take part in an improper tip share policy at a regional restaurant chain
  • $425,000.00 from a local restaurant for failing to protect its guests from a third-party assaul

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