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A serious accident or personal injury caused by another party’s negligence can turn your life upside down.

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If a family member dies because of the wrongful act or negligence of another, the decedent’s heirs may be entitled to recovery.

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Car and Truck

If you have been injured in a car accident, call the Law Office of Todd Ellis to ensure you recover all that you are entitled to receive under the law.

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If you have been charged with a crime, call Todd Ellis to ensure your rights are fully and aggressively protected.

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Class &
Collective Actions

When corporations or your employer engaged in illegal practices, you and others like you may have the leverage to change the action and recover your losses. Call me about wage and hour disputes and other unfair actions you may be facing.

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Business owners need an experienced attorney working for them. The Law Office of Todd Ellis can help you with small business needs that arise and may involve unfair competition, trademark and advertising disputes, employee disputes, collection actions and providing general counseling services for your business.

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The Law Office of Todd Ellis is here to to be YOUR voice!

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Welcome to The Law Office of Todd Ellis P.A.

Thank you for your interest in the Law Office of Todd Ellis, P.A. and for visiting my firm website at Please review any area of our site that will assist you in learning about me, the firm or a specific legal matter you may be facing. Please do not hesitate to come by and see me or pick up the phone now with your question or legal matter. I never charge for a first-time telephone call or initial consultation regarding a potential case you may have or a legal matter you are facing.

In order to properly advise you on how to proceed, I will likely need to speak with you directly. My goal initially is to put you at ease and answer any questions necessary to determine whether you have a case or need my counsel. I have extensive experience in representing individuals and small businesses in litigation matters including personal injury cases, business formation and litigation, criminal matters, entertainment law and consumer and class action cases.

My clients know that I am their first call when they, a family member or friend may have the need for a lawyer. In the unlikely scenario that I do not practice in the area of your need, I take great pride in getting you to someone who can immediately and effectively represent you. Do not hesitate to contact me because you think I would not be interested in your case or worry that you will be charged to tell me your story or ask a question. Like visiting my website, your call is another step in building our relationship and it is my hope that I can represent you.

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Disputes Among Business Owners – Get Your Operating Agreement Done

I often tell my business clients that I am jealous of their entrepreneurial spirit and I admire the intestinal fortitude it takes to follow through on their idea to start a new business venture. While I own my law firm, it is not the same as star ..

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Expanding the College Football Playoff

I cringe every football season when I start hearing discussions in November and December that the NCAA (the University Presidents) through the College Football Playoff committee should expand the current four-team playoff. Granted, my beloved Gam ..

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Verdicts & Settlements

A client injured in a textile plant by a defective product

Accident / $699,500

I represented the family of a woman that was killed by an intoxicated driver who was over-served at a bar.

Dram Shop (DUI) / $1.1 Mil

A client was sevely burned by the negligence of a clerk at a convenience store.

Personal Injury / $800,000

Every case is different and it is my job to tell you about the important elements in your case that may impact the value.
Past results provide no guarantee that a similar outcome will be reached in your case but I am always ready to give you an opinion on the value of your case.